Another Introduction

Twenty-five hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ the world sat in a state of chaos with its toes hanging over the edge of utter destruction. Mankind had decimated the planet, raping and pillaging all of its resources. The earth had become a barren wasteland with only a handful of poverty ridden cities still left standing. Disease, famine, and death were the new standard. Humanity had set itself back hundreds of years. Most people died in their late twenties. It wasn’t uncommon to find death laying lonely in a gutter, gasping for your next breath while others continued to pass by as though your cries didn’t exist.

When the first nuclear weapon was launched there was no surprise from the Heavens. The sand had run out on humanity and the scarcity of resources caused them to wage a war on themselves that lasted until the last man died crying for his mother in a dirty alley.

Despite the absence of life, the world kept spinning and four hundred million years after that last man died the planet had finally recovered from the plague of humans. Lush forests, raging rivers, expansive oceans, deep jungles, rising mountain ranges; a whole new world had bloomed. Continents had shifted to change landmasses and from the forest came a new kind of life. They were similar to mankind, but different.

These new creatures are called Shifters and they are the balance of all the world has to offer: humanity, nature, and magic.

In the beginning there were only two that crawled from the Lake of Life and opened their eyes on the creation of the world. They’d lay dormant in the water, waiting to be awakened. Azrael Urim is the embodiment of death and destruction. His darkness casts the shadows and sent bone chilling whispers through the trees as he stood finally on his own two feet. As always there must be balance and Vitae Urim followed close behind him. Her light the counter of his night. She is the creator of life and light to the world. They recognized the history of the world as they were pieces of what was before and their design was to create something harmonious. The weaknesses of humanity were to be forgotten and something new would take its place.

From their love and hate of each other, the Shifters were born to the planet now called Urim. The combination of their powers created the Alpha Omega and each of his followers. From these original followers, the Council of Fifteen was born. They founded the city of Canicus on the edges of the Lake of Life and many others joined them there.

For generations the descendants of Urim lived in peace. Their breeding creating Shifters that were more. It was some time later that tragedy shattered their fragile union. The death of an infant with blood on everyone’s hands. Their magic and first forms created a rift so deep that it couldn’t be repaired by the Council.

Apart from each other, there were many more generations of peace. Six tenures ago, a civil war broke out among the tribes that ripped the Kingdom apart. Blood has been shed by all sides in the short time since.

How long must the war continue if peace is truly impossible.


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