The Council

On the edges of the bluest ocean sits a castle with seventeen rooms and outer walls stained with the passage of time. It is here that the Council meets once every tenure to discuss the status of the kingdom.

This meeting comes with a dark cloud as there are only fourteen rulers seated around a semi-circular table. Canicus Fenris has died at the hands of the bear tribe’s warriors and the rest of the council murmurs speculation about the new Alpha Omega.

“The Fenris will choose a new leader four moons from now,” the deep growl of Samraat Ursioae calls the meeting to order.

“And what of the new chosen? Surely the spirit has settled by now” Always the birds caring about prophecy and tradition.

“They will not wait for him to show himself. Their kind cannot survive without order.”

“The council’s mission is to protect the chosen. Welcome him to this tab…”

“Or her,” Tannis interrupts the Vulpes pharaoh.

It has been the dream of each of these leaders to welcome the Alpha Omega to their royal line, though one has never been born without wolf blood. The Alpha Omega is born to the tribe destined to lead the kingdoms for the coming generations.

“What’s to stop the Ard Ri from coming to us here? Of course they would know their place is rightfully at this table.” Logic and reason from Abarham, his people are known for their ability to see the heart of a situation.

“Nothing. Unless he is already among us.” Samraat shrugs and looks down at the pages before him. “Did any one of you wake this morning feeling strength?”

There is no answer.


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