Twenty-five hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ the world sat in a state of chaos with its toes hanging over the edge of utter destruction. Raped and pillaged of its resources, the Earth had become a barren wasteland dotted with poverty ridden mega-cities. Disease was the new normal and it wasn’t uncommon to die lonely in a gutter, gasping for your next breath while others just continued to pass by as though your cries didn’t exist.

When the first nuclear weapon was launched there was no surprise from the Heavens. The clock had run out on humanity and they waged a war upon themselves that lasted until the last man died crying for his mother in a dirty alleyway.

Four hundred million years after that last man died the Earth had finally recovered. Lush forests , raging rivers, expansive oceans, jungles, mountains; a whole new world had bloomed. From the forest came a new kind of life. They were similar to mankind, but different.

These new creatures are called Shifters and they are the balance of all the world has to offer: humanity, nature, and magic.

As with the evolution of mankind, this story begins with two. Azrael Urim, the embodiment of death and destruction, and Vitae Urim, the creator of life and light to the world. They recognized the history of the world as they were pieces of what was before and their design was to create something harmonious. The weaknesses of humanity were to be forgotten and something new would take its place.

From their love and hate of the other, the Shifters were born to the planet now called Urim. The combination of their powers created the Alpha Omega inside the one known as Canicus Fenris. Canicus Fenris was born to Azrael and Vitae deep in the trees on the edge of a lake. As he was born, he also died. His blood drained out as a demon possessed his soul and he could only cry for his mother. When he woke, he was alone and older. Hundreds of years had past. He founded the city of Canicus on the edges of the lake which saw him born and others came.

For generations the descendants of Urim lived in peace. Their breeding creating Shifters that were more. It was some time later that they split apart. Their magic and first forms creating a rift so deep it couldn’t be repaired by the Council of Elders.

Apart from each other, there were many more generations of peace. Six tenures ago, the Urisoae slammed into the walls of Canicus and started a bloody war.

Canicus Fenris died last night in a forest far from his home. His last thought of his children and how he hoped they learned from his rule.


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